A gentle transition to motherhood


Nervous as a cat about chicken-trances, and other tales from the hypnotherapist’s office

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In the course of my hypnotherapy practice, the question of chickens comes up a few times a month. Let’s say a client is coming in because her doctor suggests it will help her get a handle on her insomnia. She’s made the appointment, maybe excited about the possibility for change but insecure about what to expect. When I go to the lobby to welcome her I might find this client stiffly perched right inside the door with the expression of someone about to undergo a root canal. Once sitting in my...

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They Don’t Know Sh*t

Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

A few years back, when her little P was born, our awesome Marketing Guru, Randee, coined the phrase “Parenting is all about learning to eat humble pie.” I remember the first time she said it thinking, “Wow…that is so true.” I think back to the time before our children were born and see myself, late twenties, thinner than I thought I was, and FULL of opinions on parenting. My lack of experience mattered not, much like the patient who says to the doctor, “I...

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Talking to Mom

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I was my mom’s only and very unexpected child. For four months, my long-declared infertile mother thought I was an irritable appendix. She drank a glass of champagne every morning to quiet the nausea, and when an x-ray finally revealed her stowaway, she says she laughed until she cried. It’s Mother’s Day — there’s so much I could say about growing up with my mom, and then being her grown-up daughter. Her commitment to elegance, always (she sent me to modeling school in our tiny Mendocino...

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Me Mudder

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My mother survived Cancer this year. And it rocked my world. We take these women for granted, these gentle touch, big embrace, overflowing with affection women. And I am so guilty of forgetting all that she is, until I was faced with the possibility of being without her. It was unfathomable. Who would I call to ask, yet again, whether or not I could eat the chicken I cooked three days ago that is still in the fridge? Who would come and clean out said fridge because she knows that of all the...

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Why Hypnosis for Moms?

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

Before answering why, let’s get clear on WHAT hypnosis is. It is a safe, natural state of selective, focused attention.  To be clear, it’s not synonymous with meditation or relaxation, but usually people experiencing hypnosis feel do very relaxed. Hypnosis utilizes the natural trance state that we enter in mundane ways every day.  A trance state being when we don’t consciously notice each specific turn while driving a familiar route, or we sit down for a “couple minutes” on Facebook and an...

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Find Your Breath

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“Motherhood takes your breath away . . .” With soft eyes I study every detail of each finger and toe. I echo, awestruck, my baby’s tiny coo.  My fingertips soak up the softness that sweet skin, and I hold my breath to hold this moment. “Motherhood takes your breath away . . .” I whisper, “Nobody breathe, the baby’s finally asleep!” I gulp down the pain caused by an awkward nipple latch. I empathize with my baby’s cries, and my breathing aligns to her ragged rhythm. Savoring the awestruck gasp...

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