A gentle transition to motherhood


Moms Say . . .


“It’s wonderful – best thing I’ve done all pregnancy!”

“Hypnobirthing was wonderful and useful, but hypnomothering is truly indispensable to me.”

“By FAR my favorite class of the entire hypno-series. The content was spot on and I loved the interactive nature of it. It being women-only made it feel like a really sacred time. Really helped address some fears that were starting to surface, and as always, I appreciate the practical “toolbox” of visualizations, breathing techniques, and recordings that I can take with me.”

“HypnoMothering was the perfect finale for the Hypnobirthing class experience. It helped me think beyond the birth about the kind of challenges I’ll face as a new mom and how I want to be proactive in calmly meeting those challenges. HypnoMothering gave me a practical set of tools to rely on when stress and anxiety threaten to overwhelm. I feel much more prepared to be the kind of mama I’ve always hoped to be–one who can model kindness, patience, self-care, and perhaps above all, a peaceful way of handling even the most difficult moments.”

“It was superb and just at the right time. I had been feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by parenting. The hypnomothering class taught me relaxation techniques that i was able to use immediately.”

“I love knowing that I now have the tools and resources in my mommy tool belt to deal with little sleep, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, and exhaustion! This was a wonderful course and I would suggest it to anyone whether they were expecting their first or fourth child.”

“I really really enjoyed it.  The all female environment allowed us to let our guard down, and provided a certain intimacy that is lacking in parent groups.”

“Fantastic, realistic preparation for welcoming baby and the life changes that come with it.  Outlook was accepting and nourishing and set the tone for how we should treat ourselves during the transition phase.”

“The hypnomothering class really made me confident and helped to relax me as I start my 3rd trimester. Up until now most of the focus has been on the actual birth and not much has been talked about regarding what happens after. The class really gave me the tools to feel confident and excited about the next phase.”

“Wonderful class – I have been given some really useful tools which I am looking forward to incorporating in every day life. Very practical and realistic advice. I look forward to feeling and being a calmer and happier mother/wife. The tutor…was so warm, understanding and helpful – I am SO glad I did this course!”

“HypnoMothering helped me feel prepared to deal with the stresses and anxiety that comes along with parenting. Knowing ways to deal with the emotional side effects will be so helpful and has taken away the anxiety I was already feeling before taking this class.”

“HypnoMothering was an excellent class that breached a subject that is SO needed before baby gets here. As a fellow pre and postnatal practitioner I see countless women who move through pregnancy with so much support, yet after baby is born, their support is nil. So many women struggle during this period because of it. This being said, I think HypnoMothering is a priceless class, with excellent information and direction.”

“It was a wonderful class! It was a great extension of the HypnoBirthing class. I already have a two year old and am expecting a baby in less then a week. I am looking forward to using these downloads and the things I learned in the class to help relieve some the anxiety I get instead of turning to medications.”

“It was a wonderful way to connect with like-minded mamas. I love mind-body techniques and am excited to incorporate HypnoMothering into my repertoire. What a caring, compassionate, and meaningful tool for motherhood! THANK YOU!”

“HypnoMothering was the perfect finale for the Hypnobirthing class experience. It helped me think beyond the birth about the kind of challenges I’ll face as a new mom and how I want to be proactive in calmly meeting those challenges. HypnoMothering gave me a practical set of tools to rely on when stress and anxiety threaten to overwhelm. I feel much more prepared to be the kind of mama I’ve always hoped to be–one who can model kindness, patience, self-care, and perhaps above all, a peaceful way of handling even the most difficult moments.”

“It was wonderful! I discovered that I do have the ability to meditate and relax with a little help. [The instructor] made it so peaceful and welcoming, it was so easy to free myself with her voice and calm manner! I would highly recommend it to any mother to be, I now know how to take a step back and re energize through Hypno-Mothering.”

“HypnoMothering was a fabulous class. Of course it makes sense to apply the Hypnobirthing techniques to the postpartum period and it was great to break it down and begin conceptualizing what that period will/can look like. I feel much more confident as I think about coming home with baby now that I have some tools in my back pocket.”

“The course was very relevant to how I have been feeling as a new Mum. It was done through Skype but was still effective in going through the breathing/visualisation techniques and I’m looking forward to trying these at home.”

“The course is excellent and gives very useful tips on handling the difficult days of motherhood. The techniques taught are a wonderful, complementary extension of hypnobirthing. It was also great to network with other like-minded mums during the course.”

“HypnoMothering…was so relaxing. I have learnt techniques to find peace during times of stress and chaos, and at the same time I can remain alert to my responsibilities. I enjoyed the reflective exercises because I was able to observe myself without going into reaction and in some way this helped me to except things as they are.”

“What a great class! I am so glad I went. I learned a lot of wonderful tools to help me cope with stress, lack of sleep and general frustration. I am excited to begin practicing.”

“The HypnoMothering class was very informative and helpful. I really enjoyed the breathing and relaxing techniques. It was helpful for me to share some of the challenges that I anticipate during motherhood and how to cope with those in ways that are suitable for me…The class’ message about supporting one another, regardless of our differing opinions and motherhood styles was very inspiring and should be spread more! Thank you for everything!”

“Thank you so much for adapting your HypnoMothering program for the mothers of toddlers and preschoolers! I am already noticing a difference using your techniques. My 3 year old noticed them as well and asked me to teach her the 3 breaths (HypnoMama Breath) which has been both our favorites. A great class I would recommend to anyone seeking to find more peace within the mothering journey.”

“I found the HypnoMothering class helpful to talk with other moms and expecting moms, as well as learn techniques to calm my mood if feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. I have already used the 3 breathing techniques and positive imagery and found myself feeling more “at ease” in the situation at hand. 🙂 Thanks for having such a powerful course that can help in so many ways, in parenting and beyond.”

“The HypnoMothering class calmed my anxieties about the first few months and gave me real, tangible solutions to help me deal with the transition. I feel so much more prepared, at ease and excited! Every mom-to-be, and even those with kids already can benefit from this class.”

“The tools that Tracy and Kira provide in their Hypnomothering course are incredibly useful! I am practicing Hypnomothering breathing regularly. In many ways, I wish I had taken Hypnomothering before my daughter was born…on the other hand…the material lands in a more effective way now that I know what I’m dealing with emotionally. I’m looking forward to using the audio hypnosis soon!”

“HypnoMothering has given me tools to find some calm in the new baby storm.”

“The HypnoMothering techniques are very useful and I look forward to using them. I also loved having the support of other pregnant women in the group and the ability to bounce ideas off of one another.”

“This class is anchored in much that I’ve been reading and talking with friends about regarding becoming a mother.”

“Useful to spend some time thinking about life beyond birthing! I think the course was very grounding – I’m sure it is easy to forget to think beyond the birth – and also reassuring that skills developed during pregnancy can be applied once baby is born.”

“A concise course jam packed with a variety of relaxation techniques to help cope in the tough times of new motherhood. I’m excited to listen to the download tracks as I found the Hypnobirthing tracks very useful.”

“It was GREAT!”

“HypnoMothering equipped me with some additional tools for releasing fear and tension for after my baby arrives. It also brought up things I hadn’t thought about or prepared for to this point.”

“I am looking forward to using the techniques we learned in class. I have already found the breathing techniques from hypnobirthing class to be very beneficial in my everyday life, and find that I have more patience and feel calmer and more content in general, by utilizing the techniques. I think the hypnomothering class is a nice way to wrap up the hypnobirthing series.”

“Simple, practical tools to help me on my journey. A lovely space to just “be” for a couple of hours during the course.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing afternoon. I don’t know if it was just having a kid-free break out of the house, or the opportunity to share my parenting experiences with a group of lovely ladies, or the calm breathing, or a combination of all, but I walked out feeling so refreshed. Better than I feel after a massage!”

“I am so glad I took the time to come. I have always wanted kids and have been so happy ever since having my daughter, but it has been overwhelming and stressful working and trying to be the best mom I can be. After delivering I was sad that I couldn’t listen to the HypnoBirthing cd anymore and I’m so glad to have these now to help relax my mind and body. A lot of the things said by the teachers and other people in class really resonated with me. I definitely left feeling better about myself and the choices I make for my family and also being able to let go a little. That it’s ok not to be able to everything everyday.”

“I really enjoyed the HypnoMothering programme. It was great to be given reassurance that certain negative feelings were not wrong and that there is no blueprint for perfect parenting. Also, very nice to feel independent, free from the judgement of others and to know that even on those bad days, there is something I can now do to pull myself back to normality.”

“I would highly recommend it! I think it is packed full of useful tools and should be done as early on as possible! Thanks! I can’t wait to start implementing everything I’ve learnt!”

Practitioners Say. . .

“The value of HypnoMothering cannot be described in mere words. Tracy and Kira have created a program that I wish every Mama could experience. The information is well thought out, the training presentation was impeccable, and their passion was evident from their first hello. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to expand their services to fellow Mamas. I promise that you will not be disappointed and in fact, you will walk away eternally grateful for having the chance to learn this information. The world needs Mamas who are empowered, confident, and brave and HypnoMothering delivers!” Rebecca Korinko, Reflexologist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Certified Wellness Coach

“It was wonderful! It’s such a great program and there is such a huge need for it. Thank you for creating it and training us!” Stephanie Kraft, MS, HBCE

“A wonderfully well thought out course! Your moms will greatly benefit from all the great, easy-to-use techniques that help them navigate through stressful situations. After the class, they will feel empowered, confident, and happy to continue their journey of parenthood.” Natsumi Nakamura, HBCE

“What will life be like with a new baby? HypnoMothering reveals EXACTLY what to expect! You’ll be given information and tools to help you adjust to your little one. A truly positive first step into a new life!” Maryanna Massey, MA, HBCE, Postpartum &; Birth Doula

“The HypnoMothering course gifted me with just the right kind of wisdom and practical knowledge to pass along – ideas every new or expecting mama will benefit from hearing!” Christy Phillips, HBCE

“This class is essential for every mom-to-be and new mom. It empowers mom to tune into and trust her own instincts and to be free of the judgment and competition that sometimes comes with motherhood. Mom will learn tools and techniques to maximize rest and support from others and ways to still honor who she was before she became a mom.” Natalie Fuoco, HypnoBirthing Practitioner

“This course is an amazing addition to any childbirth and parenting courses. The program offers a safe and neutral space for mother’s to explore their feelings and release difficult emotions through safe, simple, and easy methods. Any mom at any stage of motherhood can benefit from these teachings!” Desiree Moffett, HypnBirthing Practitioner

“This was simply amazing. Parenting is hard work and (like birth) our enjoyment of it depends on our ability to relax and foster a helpful perspective. This class gives powerful tools to helps moms connect with self, baby and other moms through acceptance, education and effective hypnotic techniques. . . This program is the equivalent to teaching them “how to fish” for their own “catch” of peace in the rapidly moving current of new experiences that comes with becoming a mother.” Dove Elbers, HypnoBirthing Practitioner