A gentle transition to motherhood

Online Training FAQs

Is Online Training Real Time or Recorded?

Both!  We now offer a recorded version of our online training.  The recorded version is shorter (with breaks and participant introductions cut out) and cheaper than the live online training.

Length: 4.5 hours.  Tuition: $250.  All materials are provided immediately upon receipt of payment.

To purchase the recorded training materials click here.


The live online training is real time — you’ll be attending the class with Kira and Tracy leading the group live from Seattle. The training includes demonstrations and discussion with online attendees, and we require that participants be online through the entire course.

Length: 7 hours.  Tuition: $325.  Live trainings occur once or twice per year.  To certify right now, choose the recorded option above.

Is My Internet Connection Strong Enough? Do I Need Special Equipment?

If your internet connection allows you to reliably browse the internet, it should be strong enough for the training. Alternatively, practitioners with spotty connections may log into the training via phone.  We recommend you use a headset, even ear buds are great. You can use an external microphone or the one that is built into your computer.

What Meeting Software Will We Use?

We use Go-to-Meeting for our trainings. This software is free to download and is stable, secure, and reliable. The Go-to-Meeting meeting software allows us to see each other, and converse by voice and on-screen messaging. The week before the training, we’ll send participants an invitation to the online session, instructions for downloading the required software, and a password to join the training.

The recorded training streams through Vimeo.

Training Environment & Breaks

We hope you’ll be able to arrange a quiet environment for the training, free from interruptions or distraction. We’ll break briefly in the first and second half of the training, and have one-hour break at about the halfway point.

When and How are Course Materials Distributed?

  • Downloads: One week before your training, we’ll send links for you to download the Practitioner Guide and Handouts.  For the recorded version you will receive your materials and video immediately following your registration and payment.
  • Printing: Please note that the dual Practitioner Guide is about 70 pages long — we recommend that you print this out and place in a binder prior to the training day (it would also be a good idea for you to have the Handouts printed and available during the training). The Practitioner Guide is set up with color, but it’s not mandatory that you have these printed in color.
  • Audio materials for the program will be available for download immediately after the training.

What Is Required Beyond the Day of Training?

  • One hour of practice (using techniques introduced throughout the course).
  • Successful completion of the HypnoMothering Course Review (completed and submitted online).
  • Compliance with our audio recording purchase agreement.  Much like you purchase a book and cd for each HypnoBirthing couple, you will be required to purchase a set of 8 audio tracks (in mp3 format) for each mother you teach.  A set costs $12 (US).
  • There are no re-certification requirements beyond practicing in accordance with the HypnoMothering Practitioner Agreement and keeping up with Course Updates as they’re released from time to time.One hour of practice (using techniques introduced throughout the course).