A gentle transition to motherhood

What is HypnoMothering?

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If this were Jeopardy, the answer would be:  a program based in hypnosis techniques designed to help ease women’s transition into motherhood.

What is HypnoMothering?  Ding!

In reality, HypnoMothering is more than just a class.  We set out to design a program, yes, but more than that, we wanted to change the experience of motherhood.  To ease it, to soften it, to brighten and uplift it.  But most of all, to allow it.  All of it.

Motherhood is a vast thing.  It is bigger than the word itself.  The feelings are fierce, and wild and all encompassing.  They spread across your body, beyond the place where your skin ends.

And yet, very little space is held for new mothers.  Plenty of space exists for their children.  Breastfeeding classes, newborn care classes, baby wearing classes, sleep training classes, we are exhausted just listing them.  But all of it is for baby.  For mothers we see only postpartum depression groups, mommy groups (though these are really to talk about baby) – places where mothers feel that their experience is out of the norm somehow.  Where there is comparison – the great comparison from mother to mother of who is doing it right and who, by all other accounts, is failing.

So HypnoMothering is like a toolbox.  An armor to tackle these big, fierce, wild feelings.  Bad day?  Here’s a technique that will soften it.  Good day?  Here’s a technique to enhance it.  Feeling judged?  Here’s a way to handle that, not on the outside as in what to say, but on the inside, as in how to shift the feeling.

When we started out we hoped to reach pregnant women, to prepare them in a way that we had felt unprepared as new mothers.  But then we realized that the need is always there, that motherhood is a constant transition, and now we have a class for New Moms, moms of preschoolers and are developing a class for moms with teenagers.

HypnoMothering provides insight and encouragement for every mom at any point on her mothering journey. We aim to equip each mom to clarify her basic needs during baby’s early months, and feel empowered to create her optimum support system. The class explores social and cultural pressures around mothering, and invites each mother to balance the information overflow while acting confidently  on her own mothering instincts.

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Is HypnoMothering for Me?

HypnoMothering is for you if you’re looking to enhance your mothering with more calm, balance, and energy. No hypnosis background is required, and classes are available for women at all stages in the mothering journey.

Kira Dorrian and Tracy Adams are Seattle-based Clinical Hypnotherapists and HypnoBirthing® Practitioners, each a mom of twins. Together they have created HypnoMothering™, a class designed to help prepare women for a gentle transition into motherhood, and a safe space for new mothers to be seen, heard, and supported.


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  1. Dove Elbers

    Class for moms with teenagers? Count me in!

  2. martha jaime

    Hi!!!, so interesting. When I was pregnant ant took the traditional course I was glad, but after the birth of my son and after the first critical weeks I tought all the time why not we have a course or training more,for,the after and not only for the before, so increideble to hear about you, now do you know who is the contact in Mexico for something similar?.

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