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Why Hypnosis for Moms?

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Before answering why, let’s get clear on WHAT hypnosis is.

It is a safe, natural state of selective, focused attention.  To be clear, it’s not synonymous with meditation or relaxation, but usually people experiencing hypnosis feel do very relaxed. Hypnosis utilizes the natural trance state that we enter in mundane ways every day.  A trance state being when we don’t consciously notice each specific turn while driving a familiar route, or we sit down for a “couple minutes” on Facebook and an hour passes.

So what differentiates hypnosis from meditation? And what’s the difference between hypnosis and the day-to-day “spacing out” trance state?

It’s about goals.

We set a specific goal, an intention — then create an opportunity for thinking shifts that will lead to change.
Once the intended goal and its benefits are identified, hypnosis quiets the conscious mind while the subconscious mind becomes attentive. When we enter into this unique type of focus, we have access to our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not consciously available to us.

So . . . why hypnosis for moms?

Every mom would like to make the most of limited sleep, enhance emotional resources, care for her body, and connect authentically with her baby. Hypnosis is a dynamic tool to help moms engage fully and rest thoroughly.

  • Hypnotic time distortion for sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnotic time distortion helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.
  • Hypnosis to tap into emotional resources: Quick-thinking self-hypnosis techniques allow moms to ease the throb of emotions like worry or frustration, and to tap into feelings of hope and confidence in otherwise overwhelming situations.
  • Rapid relaxation: Learning happens quickly in hypnosis, and in this state mom’s body readily memorizes techniques to quickly relax her body and mind, and sleep peacefully if there is time for sleep.
  • Connection to baby: Hypnosis helps a new mom tune into and develop her intuition, natural instincts and authentic bond with her baby.

Who? Mothers.

What? Hypnosis.

Why? Because it helps.

Kira Dorrian and Tracy Adams are Seattle-based Clinical Hypnotherapists and HypnoBirthing® Practitioners, each a mom of twins. Together they have created HypnoMothering™, a class designed to help prepare women for a gentle transition into motherhood, and a safe space for new mothers to be seen, heard, and supported.

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  1. Marilyn Morrow

    Thanks Tracy – this really helped me better understand hypnomothering

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