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We have an expanding group of HypnoMothering practitioners around the world to provide live classes with expert support and a personal learning experience. But for some people, HypnoMothering’s online classes are a more convenient and better way to learn, because you can move through theory, techniques, and information at your own pace.

The format of HypnoMothering’s online courses ensures that you understand the why behind each exercise, and techniques and demonstrations are available for you to revisit so things will really sink in. And at the heart of each course, hypnosis audios provide suggestions for the unconscious mind to remove obstacles and connect to calm and confidence.

The Fertility Course is a 28-day program integrating hypnotic MP3 tracks and self-hypnosis videos, so throughout your day you can emotionally detox and set intention for your body and mind, and focus on deeper changes with the audio recordings.

The Childbirth Course is a thorough childbirth education program that utilizes both light and deep hypnosis techniques. This course is self-paced and full of information for mother and partner to prepare for many scenarios.

The popular Postpartum Course is full of quick (and fun) tools to create calm in the new mother storm.


HypnoMothering’s Fertility Course offers hypnosis support to enhance fertility for natural conception as well as medical treatments such as IUI & IVF. Listen daily to train your mind and body to work together, while you gently discover and address issues unique to you. These sessions integrate listening, visualization and somatic approaches to create a fertile, hospitable climate in the body, and release unconscious blocks to conception.

The HypnoMothering Fertility Course is comprised of 28 hypnosis MP3 sessions that invite deep relaxation and speak to the unconscious mind through metaphor and direct suggestions. To support the benefit of the audio sessions, 28 videos introduce rapid mind-body tools, many of which can fit into your day to day life. This “saturation” helps you connect emotionally, rewire thinking in a purposeful direction, and prime physically.

Lessons Include

  • Self-hypnosis to relax and find balance and calm even on very stressful days

  • Easy techniques to shift perspective and take the sting out of tough emotions

  • Reduce stress and create calm on demand

  • Connect to body and balance hormones for ideal timing

  • Simple self-hypnosis to optimize circulation for conception and implantation

  • Connect to positive emotional states (and the body chemistry that comes with them) to encourage baby to connect and grow

  • Increase your mind’s receptivity to suggestions given directly to your unconscious control center

  • Hypnotic time distortion to shift perception of the two-week wait

  • Increase libido at all the right times, and just for fun

  • Detox emotionally with rapid self-hypnosis techniques and deeper hypnotic processes to become free from blocking emotions of anger, grief, and fear

hypnomothering childbirth hypnosis birth hypnobirthing

HypnoMothering for Childbirth is a thorough, thoughtful childbirth preparation course, set apart by its focus on helping you work with your body (rather than against it) during labor and birth. The videos teach breathing, relaxation, and techniques to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind throughout all stages of labor. The course also equips parents to have positive conversations with healthcare providers at every stage of the process. Through hypnosis (a natural state of selective, focused attention), expectant parents learn rapid and instant self-relaxation, breathing techniques to support the work of the body through labor and birth, and self-hypnosis to quiet the mind and create emotional calm. People using hypnosis for childbirth often report less pain, faster births, and a more satisfying birthing experience.

Enroll in the HypnoMothering Childbirth Class

Lessons Include

  • Learn to connect to your natural birthing instincts

  • Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques

  • Breathing techniques for labor and birth

  • Hypnotic relaxation and visualization

  • A section devoted to partner’s role throughout labor and birth

  • Massage and pressure techniques for comfort

  • Natural ways to encourage your body into labor

  • Positions and activities that help labor to progress

  • Collaborating with your care team

  • Advocating for yourself and your baby

  • How these tools can help if you’re facing a medical concern with your pregnancy


Create calm in the new baby storm with techniques and hypnosis designed specifically for the challenges and changes facing new mothers. Through a series of fun, practical videos, you’ll learn easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep light and balanced on challenging days, and find focus amidst a myriad of new feelings. This program’s deeper hypnosis recordings are designed to make this transition smoother by connecting to yourself, your baby, and new resources you’re developing moment by moment.

Lessons Include

  • Rapid Relaxation: Hypnosis provides easy to learn techniques to quickly relax your body while creating mindfulness and balance.

  • Positive Emotional Resources: Quick self-hypnosis techniques allow you to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.

  • Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnosis helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.

  • Connection to Baby: Hypnosis helps you tune into your baby and your own natural instincts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of selective, focused attention. When we enter into this absorbed state of hypnosis, we can use our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to us. Typically people in hypnosis feel aware and relaxed. No previous background with hypnosis is necessary to get full benefit from any HypnoMothering program