Practitioner Training

Learn the essentials to support the journey to conception. Although each fertility client’s landscape is unique, this training provides a flexible protocol to adapt to each individual’s path. Paired with an understanding of the issues and emotions that are most often involved with this issue, the HypnoMothering protocol prepares you to join fertility clients in laying the groundwork for success.


Lessons Include

  • Physiology of conception

  • Concise introductions to common obstacles

  • Clinical and compassionate vocabulary for fertility

  • Understanding your fertility client’s emotions

  • Reproductive technology basics

  • Self-hypnosis to encourage conception

  • Changework to release blocks

  • 3 to 6 session protocol

  • Flexible resources for group sessions


Finally, a grounded, flexible childbirth protocol for the hypnotherapist. This thorough program details everything you need to know to work with expectant parents. The course is flexible, so you can work privately or with groups, simplifying to a single session of hypnosis techniques, or expanding to a four-session childbirth preparation program.

Lessons Include

  • Physiology of labor and birth

  • Why relaxing the mind and body will make labor shorter and more comfortable

  • Hypnosis techniques and other tools for making labor faster and easier

  • Tips for teaching self-hypnosis so the tools really sink in

  • Self-advocacy skills that will empower your clients to create a positive experience

  • Equipping labor partners with specific tools to navigate difficult situations

  • Practice management (teaching groups and individuals, pricing, marketing, etc.)

  • Supplemental online courses for diving deeper


Become prepared to teach mothers to move through the challenging postpartum months. Designed to be taught in a two-hour group class, this can be adapted to individual session work. The course covers everything you need to help mothers make the most of limited sleep, enhance bonding, develop maternal instincts, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that come with being a new mother.

Lessons Include

  • Rapid techniques to quickly relax the body while creating mindfulness and balance

  • Quick self-hypnosis allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days

  • Methods to make the most of limited sleep

  • Hypnosis to enhance bonding and confidence

  • Practical tools for redefining the new normal