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I met Tracy after 4 failed IVF Cycles when I felt like a failure and I needed something to help me just feel like myself again. I had no idea what to expect and within the first few moments of meeting Tracy, I knew that she was going to help me make a positive change. She helped me find a way to release some of the stress I was carrying around and some of the envy that I reluctantly held with every pregnancy announcement. I found a sense of calm and acceptance that I hadn't been able to find in the 30+ months of trying to conceive. Her steady voice and beautiful words changed me. I went into my last IVF cycle with inner peace. This was the cycle that I finally conceived my baby girl who is now 1 month old. I would not have had success if Tracy hadn't helped me both release and accept my journey, before my final embryo transfer. I highly recommend Tracy's program. Her genuine care is apparent in the words she shares and I honestly believe that she made all the difference for me.
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We took the class in the winter of 2018 and found it so helpful to prepare for the birth of our baby girl. In addition to the hypnobirthing philosophy and techniques, you learn how to be your own advocate in the birthing process … We HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone preparing for your labor and parenthood.
My husband and I just completed Tracy’s course and really enjoyed it. The tools are taught in a clear and effective manner, and Tracy is great at providing additional resources such as handouts and written scripts for birth partners to read instead of listening to recordings. This is extra helpful if the "woo-woo" nature of some of the recordings might be a turn off, because the birth partner can make small tweaks in the language to better fit the needs of the birthing person. I also appreciated her "take what's useful attitude". Pregnant people have a lot of "shoulds" to contend with, I found Tracy's videos of different people laboring differently, as well as advice to plan to use the techniques that we found most helpful in practice instead of using a technique during labor because we "should" to be really refreshing. I also feel fortunate to have taken this class in my second trimester. I will now have several months to practice the techniques we were taught before my due date.
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“I found this class helpful to … learn techniques to calm my mood if feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. I have already used the 3 breathing techniques and positive imagery and found myself feeling more “at ease” in the situation at hand. Thanks for having such a powerful course that can help in so many ways, in parenting and beyond.”
“HypnoMothering Postpartum gave me a practical set of tools to rely on when stress and anxiety threaten to overwhelm. I feel much more prepared to be the kind of mama I’ve always hoped to be–one who can model kindness, patience, self-care, and perhaps above all, a peaceful way of handling even the most difficult moments.”