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Learn the essentials to support the journey to conception. Although each fertility client’s landscape is unique, this training provides a flexible protocol to adapt for each individual’s path. Paired with an understanding of the issues and emotions that are most often involved with this issue, the HypnoMothering protocol prepares you to join fertility clients in laying the groundwork for success.

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Online, July 18 & 19
In Person, August 18 & 19


Finally, a grounded, flexible childbirth protocol for the hypnotherapist. This thorough childbirth education course details everything you need to know to work with expectant parents. The protocol is flexible, you may work privately or with groups, simplifying the program to a single session of hypnosis techniques, or expanding to the full four-session childbirth education program.

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Online, May 23 & 24
Online, September 26 & 27


Prepare to teach mothers how to use hypnosis through the challenging postpartum months. The course covers everything you need to help mothers make the most of limited sleep, enhance bonding, develop maternal instincts, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that come with being a new mother.

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Online, August 8
Online, October 24

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Fertility and Childbirth Preparation:

This course is designed for certified clinical hypnosis practitioners, so all of the lessons and materials will build on your core competencies. The content will focus on giving you the information you need to help expectant parents prepare to make their childbirth experiences calm and positive


There are two versions of this course, one for those who are hypnotherapists, and those who are non-hypnotherapist childbirth educators certified through any hypnosis for childbirth program.